Award Types

Everything we produce at Design Awards is bespoke. We have two fully equipped factories in Melbourne and Sydney catered especially to crafting beautiful trophies and as such are able to offer a large range of award types manufactured from a variety of different materials and for all kinds of industries, from Government to Media & Entertainment and Education to Business. The following list contains common requests but is not exhaustive, and even though everything is custom we do have a dedicated bespoke page for special projects. We also make 3D printed trophies, resin trophies and much more. Contact us today to find out more.


Metal awards are some of the most popular items that we produce. From high-precision CNC machinery to cast statuettes, our expert craftsmen can create something iconic to suit your needs and budget. Aluminium, steel or brass awards have a fantastic weight and tactility which is hard to replicate in other materials, and we offer a huge breadth of finishes to precisely realise your vision.

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Acrylic trophies are both sophisticated and modern. Clear acrylic offers the same optical clarity as glass or crystal with much less chance of breakage. It is also much lighter and portable. Acrylic can be machined and tooled to accommodate a range of sizes and shapes it can also be coloured or left clear depending upon your requirements.

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