Nickel (the material of Swatkins trophies) is a sturdy, non-tarnishing, rust-resistant metal that ensures the trophy maintains high durability and can be easily polished to keep it looking new. Additionally, it can be directly engraved onto the trophy.

Tin (the material of Pewter trophies) is highly durable against oxygen, water, and organic acids, non-tarnishing, and rust-resistant. It features unique and captivating colors.


Acrylic is one of the most popular materials today, combining the advantages of both crystal and plastic. It possesses the transparent beauty with a sparkling mirror-like effect similar to crystal, while also offering high durability, resistance to breakage, ease of transportation, and storage. It is well-suited for display purposes. Acrylic stands out for its customizable design capabilities, allowing it to meet the diverse preferences of customers in terms of style and patterns.


Transparent crystal with high refractive index exudes a sparkling, exquisite beauty that is universally appealing. When paired with advanced engraving technologies at Viet Gift, it enhances the sophistication and sharpness of the gift. Crystal has a substantial weight, providing a solid feel in the hand and imparting a sense of luxury, all at a remarkably reasonable cost.


The rustic charm of wood, with its natural hues, is simple yet elegant. Wood is often artfully combined with acrylic, crystal, or metal, creating a harmonious, refined, and innovative overall design that adds a touch of sophistication to the gift.